/ What is a Formula Student

Évènement  - 17 septembre 2021 

The Formula Student is a real electric racing car ! Its objectives are to be efficient, agile and fast on the track. It is an ambitious project for Vinci Eco Drive that has been launched for three years. The manufacturing phase (following the design phase) has started. This will allow us to participate in competitions in 2023.

Competitions and objectives

Indeed, Formula Student is also a type of car competition organized in many countries where “formula type” single-seaters compete in various agility, endurance but also design and engineering quality tests. The cars used in Formula Student are very diverse (thermal, electric, hybrid or autonomous) and use many different technologies.

The main competition is Formula Student Germany (FSG) and it challenges teams from all over the world. The different teams are called to build the most performant cars for some challenges such as acceleration or agility challenges.

How can this project be realized ?

As with the Efficiency Prototype, we manufacture everything from scratch, which we design in partnership with a company. Vinci Eco Drive’s Formula Student is a powerful and agile electric vehicle with aerodynamic elements such as fins, which is to the academic world what F1 is to the professional world.

There are currently 4 teams in France with an operational vehicle and other schools are also in the process of developing their single-seater.

Technical choices such as the use of four-wheel drive with a cumulative power of more than 120 kw (i.e. 160 bhp), a structure weighing 250 kg unladen, active aerodynamic elements and the incorporation of a complete electronic management system for slip, acceleration, cornering and braking will enable us to achieve this ambitious objective.